Nigeria’s Academic System Aiding Brain Drain

The Nigerian school system is often criticized for its inability to adequately prepare students for the challenges they will face in the real world. Most times, I feel so frustrated with this issue that I feel compelled to exclaim “On God!” in response.

The system’s focus seems to be on producing job-seekers who unquestioningly follow instructions, rather than cultivating the skills necessary to build wealth and succeed in life. The curriculum lacks any meaningful education on money and financial literacy, giving the impression that the authorities do not want students to learn how to create wealth and become financially independent.

A closer examination of what is taught in schools reveals a stark contrast between the skills required for success in the real world and the ones emphasized by the education system. Students are constantly warned not to make mistakes, discouraging any kind of risk-taking and stifling creativity. The emphasis is placed on conformity and obedience, with students expected to simply do as they are told, leaving no room for independent thinking or innovation.

Even in assignments and tests, students are discouraged from collaborating and working together, further hindering the development of teamwork and cooperation skills. The notion that there is only one right answer to any given problem is ingrained in the students, completely disregarding the fact that there are often multiple solutions to a problem.

As a result, graduates from this system often find themselves afraid to make mistakes and lacking the ability to think outside the box. They are accustomed to working in isolation, without the ability to effectively collaborate or brainstorm ideas. Their focus is always on finding the one correct answer, rather than exploring different perspectives and approaches to problem-solving. This approach severely limits their potential and hampers their ability to adapt to the constantly changing demands of the real world.

In essence, the Nigerian school system perpetuates a brain drain, as it fails to provide students with the skills and mindset necessary for success beyond the classroom. It’s simply incredible!

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