I understand that life is in stages, and everybody is expected to keep moving, keep evolving, everybody is focused on change and we barely talk about what change feels like, we just move in silence like it doesn’t steal from us.

Becoming an adult is like a gold fish tossed from the security of a tiny bowl into the frightening immensity of a vast ocean. You are stranded in the middle with only questions no one can answer and expected to just juggle it all with a smile like everything is perfect.

Nobody talks about the constant confusion and intense anxiety that comes with making life changing or threatening decisions, the pressure that introduces itself with grandness, the uncomfortable feeling of being in charge all the time, you only suffer more when you undress your emotions.

The gap between self and satisfaction yawns wider and wider every passing day and the only information you’re fed with is ” You only stop when you get there”, the only way to prove your existence is living like a bee. Gradually life becomes plain unhappiness covered up by material possessions and frantic running around, for others it is a boomerang of pain and unnecessary turmoil.

Nobody talks about their struggles, the only consolation is that the next person has it worse. Time robs everyone of their tenderness and our minds whisper chaos to us as the only way to seduce time and escape reality.

This should not be, our lives should embrace change with both arms, with glee, loving and learning without being strangled with criticism. People should be appreciated for moving on their pace and encouraged to value themselves and the different journeys they are on.

I think that the impact of growth is the essence of growing not necessarily the end result, so while we are striving for a perfect life, we should enjoy the adventure of “Now” and live with the conciousness that Change never stops, so if we wait till we live the life we picture,we will only destroy ourselves and Never really appreciate the concept of change.

I have decided to embrace my journey and the series of changes that comes with it but most importantly I will be content at every stage.