TB Joshua was not alone

I must first categorically state that I don’t support accusing/laying allegations on someone who cannot defend himself/herself, especially when there was enough opportunity to do so when the person could still defend (or at least give a reason for) his/her actions/inactions.

That being said, I also recognize the possibility of the controversial BBC documentary being released now because of the fear of harm on the participants, were it to be released when the accused was still around.

But it is what it is; TB Joshua is dead and he is not coming back to defend himself. Too bad! Coincidentally, there are many others like him alive today, (those who have used or/and are still using his modus operandi). It’s interesting that no one talks about them.

Where are the people that were publicly ‘healed’ (on TV) by Chris Oyakhilome in the past? Or is it because his television miracle programmes were not as sloppy as Pastor Chris Okafor who claimed to raise a dead child that was clearly blinking her eyes while “dead”? Or maybe it’s because of his Oyibo accent and fine white suits?

Who remembers Sign Fireman? Did he not “heal” the late actor Enebeli Elebuwa, who later died of the very same illness? The ones who don’t do this miracle business are the ones who do not have the funds to, and those that have become so established that they don’t need such desperate publicity. If only people could understand that so many “men of God” do not believe the God they preach about. Rather, they make money off God.

It is one thing to fall into sin, it is another thing to intentionally live a life of hypocrisy. It is alleged that TB Joshua kept a harem of women he serially abused while admonishing his followers to be righteous. He was alleged to fake miracles on TV while preaching to Christians about holiness and these supposed scams were not one off events.

According to the documentary, the sexual abuse was not isolated. It was the culture in his church. No man who truly believes and fears God that abhors all these would have indulged in it as habitually as he was said to have done.

The main tragedy – as I earlier hinted – is that there are many more of such men. TB Joshua just happened to be the most known. He also happens to be dead, so he cannot deploy a well oiled propaganda machine that will distort facts like he did when it concerned his building collapse.

We will only have arrived if we take down scoundrel masquerading as a men of God. The hospitals continuously play host to “beneficiaries” of “miracles” from big churches who approach the health facilities, with avoidable relapse of their ailments.

A lot of these big ‘men of God’ who are established today, were serial con-men when they started. Stories are rife of people who were directly assured of their healing by Joshua (Synagogue), Oyakhilome (Christ Embassy), Pastor Anwuzie (Zoe Ministries) and many others, going back to the hospital to die quietly and in frustration after the “men of God” told them they were healed.

In many of these cases, the treatment which would have prolonged their lives significantly were compromised, no thanks to the counsel and persuasion of these pastors. The cases were not isolated, they were legion.

On TB Joshua in particular, the incident that further stamped my believe that the man was a most likely fraudulent was the building collapse accident that I mentioned earlier.

For this, his prosecution was recommended by the Lagos coroner for illegally erecting a structure that eventually killed hundreds when it collapsed.

The man never stepped a foot on ground zero when corpses were being pulled out of the rubble.

His only response to the whole issue, was that a Jet flew over the structure, causing it to collapse, and that he was the target.

The case faced adjournment upon adjournment and he never stepped foot in court despite summons until the day he died.

This was fact even before anybody knew BBC had something on him. So people coming out now to claim that bodies of the victims were dismembered and evacuated by ambulances just to hide the original number of casualties and that families were either bribed or threatened to keep quiet is very easy to believe.

This was a man whose origin in “Chrislam” and Voodoo were well known.

This was a man who famously predicted Hillary Clinton would emerge victorious against Donald Trump in the presidential elections when the polls heavily favoured Hillary.

This was a man that predicted that the Corona Virus pandemic would end on the 27th of March 2020, whereas by December that year, nine months after, the virus was still ravaging the globe.

All these facts existed before the BBC interview.

This alone should make one pause before defending a man whom so much evidence is stacked against.

Did you see the lame response of the Synagogue to the BBC documentary?

I am sure even the people currently serving there are probably still doing so out of the need to have a job or for solidarity purpose with a wish that somehow the dark cloud goes away.

The man (as presented) was an extreme control freak. He could only have thrived in a society like ours. Where we have such a gullible people with what appears to be like amnesia. Where one can connive with institutions of state to perpetrate crime.

You see the one they call Odumeje? He is actually using TB Joshua’s playbook. He now has an “Oyibo” man carrying microphone for him everywhere. Nothing lends more validation in the eyes of a naive Black man, than a Caucasian following his African brother around.

Today he only looks and sounds comical because he cannot help his crude English methods and mannerisms.

That is how TB Joshua started.

TB Joshua could not construct a correct sentence in english 30 years ago, yet somehow, he became one of the most influential preachers in Africa.

Odumeje has a good idea where he intends heading, and it is not to make you and I laugh.

Aside from Pastor Anwuzie and TB Joshua who spooked the average posh person because of their “crude” approach, Chris Oyakhilome performed so many “miracles” back in the day.

Who followed them up?

An source once shared a story of a woman who was diabetic. This woman after getting “healed,” broke her glucometer in front of the audience at the main Christ Embassy Church with everybody clapping wildly.

She started eating and drinking stuff like every normal person does. This woman died of Diabetic Keto-Acidosis within six months of “healing”. The same Christ Embassy has successfully maintained its brand.

Go around, and ask your objective doctor friends who have worked in Teaching Hospitals about what they see. Orthodox medicine is competing with pastors and traditional medicine practitioners in “healing.”

At least with traditional healers there is some method. These pastors tell you to abandon treatment altogether, and when things get out of hand, the patient comes to the hospital half dead and severely compromised.

I don’t need the BBC to prove to me something of which I am already certain. There’s a lot of mysteries and fraud surrounding most miracle-working Nigerian pastors. I am only sad the only person they have done this work on, is a dead man. And dead men don’t stand trials.

Again, there are many who are alive today that are still doing what TB Joshua did, they are the ones we need to shine light on.

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