Picking a date in the University of Nigeria Nsuka (UNN) is not just about the person. It’s also about the place you want to have a tête-a-tête with your person. Your ideal scenery for a date could be a cozy or vibes-upon-vibes restaurant offering the best meals, or a beautiful scenery offering you a breath of fresh air and a pretty sky to look at while you do what you do in your date. Either way, there is always an option for a date within the campus environment. Here are a number of places you could breeze into, should you think of taking your sweetheart on a date.

  • 11:45: don’t panic. The name is just for aesthetics. It’s cozy. Food, snacks or Icecream. Your pick. Just sit down on one of the cushioned chairs with your date and then it’s bon appetit at the end. It’s usually crowded in the evenings because in UNN, evening is equal to fun time.
  • FOUNTAIN: this is the top pick, if you’re not heavy on the food aspect of dates. If your plan is to look into the eyes of your friend and have a nice heart to heart conversation, think of Fountain. It is located at Vice Chancellor’s office. The best time to have a date there is in the evenings. People go there for the free WIFI, but it can serve as a date setting. The lighting and the fountain serves creates a uniquely exciting atmosphere for lovebirds – no noise, just you, nature and your partner under the night sky.
  • CHITIS: never to be caught short on food – Chitis. One remarkable fact about this restaurant is its amazing sitting capacity. There are enough chairs and tables for everyone and obviously enough food for as many lovers as turn up daily. While you eat your food, you can nod your head to the music playing through the speakers. Vibe and eat with your date. Loads of fun hanging here.
  • LOVE GARDEN: here’s a good setting for private chats. It’s best enjoyed when the sun isn’t scorching hot. So, just like Fountain, it’s advisable to go there in the evening. The sit-outs there are sparsely scattered around, hence there is no room for eavesdropping. It offers a little privacy even though you’re outdoor.
  • KITCHEN: this has to be the exclusively African restaurant of UNN. It doesn’t stop at being cozy. The setting alone offers this trado-modern feel and the food there is strictly traditional. Think of any Igbo indigenous meal, think Kitchen. Kitchen is a good representation of home.

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